Blogging with Vim

Since I noticed there is a lack of blogging tools for the mac I decided to try out blogging using Vim. After Markus Anvhe responded I should try out vim I did some research on it.

It turns out that I can blog using markdown, and the post it to my blog converted to html. I liked that I’d and decided to give it a go.

You can find the details here. The post is a bit outdated since the commands have been simplified, but it describes the process.

While setting it up I ran into issues with MacVim. It kept giving me segmentation faults when ever I used vimrepress.

I tried different methods to get macvim to work. turns out if I used macports it would cause segmentation faults when ever I tried to run the blogging plugin. So I had to uninstall the macports version of python25 and all of a sudden things started working.

I now use the macvim snapshot build 61 which seems to work out really well.

So this is my first blogpost from vim.